Mixed Entree (5)



Pieces of Calamari lightly dusted with salt & pepper. $10.50

Coconut Prawns

King Prawns marinated in our chefs secret sauce, dipped in shredded coconut, fried in cholesterol free oil, served with succulent sweet chilli. $8.50

Cuttle Fish Balls (6)

Deep fried skewered Cuttle Fish pieces, served with sweet chilli sauce. $7.50

Thai Fish Cakes

Freshly minced Fish seasoned with sweet basil, lime leaves, chilli and green beans, deep fried served with sweet chilli sauce. $7.50

Curry Puffs (3)

Curried vegetables in puff pastry, served with sweet chilli sauce. $7.50

Chicken Satay (3)

Marinated grilled Chicken strips on skewers, served with peanut sauce. $7.50

Spring Rolls (3)

Finely chopped vegetables, noodles, cooked in a tangy sauce wrapped in thin pastry with sweet chilli sauce. $7.50