Wok Work

Stir-fry with Satay Sauce (Pad Nam Jime Sate)

Stir-fry with mixed vegetables, garlic, mushrooms and Satay sauce.

Ginger and Shallots Stir-fry (Pad Khing)

Stir-fry garlic ginger with a variety of vegetables, garnished with shallots.

Garlic Pepper Stir-Fry (Pad Gratiam)

Stir-fry garlic pepper with our special sauce, combined with mixed vegetables, garnished with coriander and served on a sizzling plate.

Stir-fry Vegetables with Choice of Meat (Pad Pak)

Stir-fry with your choice of Chicken, Beef or Pork and sauce, combined with mix vegetables.

Cashew Nut Stir-fry (Pad Met Mamuang Himmapaan)

Stir-fry with garlic and chilli jam, combined with mixed vegetables, onion and shallots. Finished with cashew nuts.

Sweet and Sour (Pad Preow Wan)

Stir-fry with homemade sweet and sour sauce combined with tomato, cucumber, pineapple and mixed vegetables.

Stir-fry in Oyster Sauce (Pad Nam Mun Hoi)

Stir-fry with oyster and mixed vegetables, garlic and mushrooms.

Sweet Basil Chilli Stir-fry (Pad Bi Gar Pow)

A stir-fry with homemade chilli paste, garlic and mixed vegetables with bamboo shoots, garnished with basil.

Chicken, Beef or Pork $15.90

Mixed Seafood or one Seafood $18.90

Vegetarian $14.90